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Muay Thai



Kampfkunst TrainingThe streaming series on Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is made up of five videos and introduces the techniques and the training. The videos are structured as such that they can be understood separately.

Muay Thai
The Complete Series

Collection of the five Muay Thai video tutorials. The titles are:

  • 'Muay Thai: Basic Techniques'
  • 'Muay Thai: Counter Against Fist and Leg Techniques'
  • 'Muay Thai: Counter Against Elbow, Knee and Clinch Techniques'
  • 'Muay Thai: Training and Techniques'
  • 'Muay Thai: Training with World Champions - Saiyok and Kem'

Muay Thai
Basic Techniques
  • fighting stance and legwork
  • fist, elbow, kick and knee techniques
  • clinches
  • defensive moves
Muay Thai
Counter Techniques
  • Counters against Fist Techniques
  • Counters against Kicks and Push Kicks
  • Catching the Opponent´s Kick
  • Counters against the Opponent´s attempts to catch

Muay Thai
Training intensive

You get to know the training of the two World Champions Saiyok and Kem:

  • They explain how they conduct their training
  • They demonstrate important training contents.
  • They introduce their best techniques.